How Hillary Clinton Could Have Avoided Dehydration

Sep 22, 2016
As you may have read, Hillary Clinton’s health has been the subject of scrutiny for the past few weeks. Her frequent coughs, her fatigue, and then her passing out at the 9/11 memorial service have caused many to question her health and her ability to lead the country. This has also given Trump supporters...
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MyHydrate Smart Bottle Reviews

Aug 29, 2016
Since MyHydrate smart bottle burst on the scene, staying hydrated has never been easier. Its SmartDisk technology tracks your water intake and reminds you to drink water regularly. This helps reduce the chance of major health issues like cancer and diabetes, while also preventiong minor ones like headaches and constipation. MyHydrate customers have been raving...
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How to Use the MyHydrate Spa Infuser

Aug 23, 2016
Flavored water is delicious water. And when something’s delicious, we want more of it. In the case of water, this desire for more improves your health. When customers purchase the MyHydrate hydration system water bottle, they also receive a free spa infuser, which allows you to infuse fruit, vegetable, and even herb flavors into...
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