MyHydrate Shopper Approved Reviews

Jun 07, 2016

MyHydrate is the most innovative hydration system water bottle on the market. The result of a four-year quest to deliver an innovative alternative to the common water bottle, MyHydrate consists of a container made entirely from FDA-approved Tritan, and its screw-on cap comes equipped electronic smart disk. This smart disk keeps track of your daily water intake, reminding you to drink water throughout the day. MyHydrate’s growing popularity among those looking to increase their water intake is evident in its high Shopper Approved rating of 4.8 on a 5-point scale. With over two thousand reviews and 1800 five-star ones, MyHydrate boasts some very happy and hydrated customers.


MyHydrate Reviews

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Here are some verified MyHydrate reviews:

“I'm a massage therapist who is always telling my clients how important it is to stay hydrated for overall health, but in the meantime I'm always forgetting if I drank water during the day and how much water I drank during the day! This MyHydrate will take all the guess work out and keep me motivated to get all my lights to light up, assuring me that I have drank the correct amount of water needed to keep me well hydrated!”
Stephanie H. | Submitted 19 October 2015

“I am so excited to have help with Keeping up with my water intake. With 3 kids, it's hard to keep up with! Also thankful for the fast free shipping!”
Kory D. | Submitted 5 June 2016

“I have always had difficulty drinking water and then keeping track of the water that I drink. Most days I may only get 16 oz of any liquid in me. With the my hydrate, it is easy to keep track because it does it for you and of course beeps when you don't drink soon enough. It took me all day to drink the amount but I made it and then got the little celebration of the bells. After just one day of following this my body is responding with more energy and less sluggish, now I am off to better health.”
Lanci H. | Submitted 4 June 2016

MyHydrate’s impressive 4.8-star rating shows that they cares about the customer and about the his or her experience with their customer service and with their product. The company’s friendly, knowledgeable customer service representatives assist customers with any questions or concerns they have, either before or after a purchase. And when customers purchase any MyHydrate bottle. There’s more: MyHydrate’s 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee gives customers peace of mind when purchasing.

MyHydrate Hydration System is revolutionizing the way people drink water. For more information, visit