MyHydrate Smart Fluid Tracker

Sep 28, 2015
MyHydrate® Smart Fluid Tracker

The MyHydrate® personal hydration system continues to push the envelope of technology within a growing market of wearable and tracking devices. MyHydrate® is a patented smart fluid tracker which measures daily fluid intake and uses a system of lights and sounds to remind and encourage users to drink water. What makes MyHydrate® different from other bottles? The MyHydrate® patented SmartDisk technology found within the cap of the smart bottle!

MyHydrate® features a detachable cap which stores a CR2032 lithium battery that is used to power the brains of the MyHydrate® system to track every fluid ounce consumed from the bottle. There are eight LEDs on the cap which illuminates when eight ounces of fluid are consumed. Users will track these lights throughout the day until the user has all eight illuminated. After one hour of inactivity from the bottle, a non-intrusive jingle is played to remind and inform the user that it is time to drink from MyHydrate®.



The spill-proof cap ensures safe transport with the drinking valve only opening when a button is depressed. The twenty-two ounce Tritan® container is BPA-free and made from FDA approved materials. MyHydrate® integrates a hands-free clip on the smart fluid tracker as a tool for active lifestyles. MyHydrate® was designed to be the smartest personal hydration system ever!

MyHydrate® is rated 4.9 out of a possible 5 stars by Shopper Approved. MyHydrate® offers a 30-day money back guarantee and free shipping. Limited supplies of MyHydrate® are now available at