MyHydrate Bottle Reviews

Jul 20, 2016

 MyHydrate Bottle Reviews

MyHydrate is more than just a water bottle -- it’s a smart hydration system. What does that mean? It means that MyHydrate’s smart technology tracks your water intake, encouraging you to stay well-hydrated, and to avoid the pitfalls of dehydration. It not only tracks your water intake, but it reminds you to drink every hour by gently beeping. Kind of like a water concierge!

MyHydrate also offers a bonus to its customers: a spa infuser that lets you infuse fruit, vegetable, and herbs into your water, making hydration delicious!

Read what some of our happy, hydrated customers have to say:

“I have been using MyHydrate everyday. I’m sure I’m drinking plenty of water, and love making my own infused water. Thank you for an awesome product! I have suggested this to several of my friends. It is so easy to use!”
W. Hill | OK, United States | Sep 3, 2016

“I've had a MyHydrate since it first launched and I LOVE it, so I'm ordering another one! I recommend this to everyone!”
Nicole P. | VA | Sep 1, 2016

“I was so impressed with a friend's hydration success, I had to get a bottle like hers -- totally looking forward to it!”
Peggy G. | GA | Aug 28, 2016

To speak with a live hydration specialist at MyHydrate, please call 1-800-590-8580 or email our support team at . Order your MyHydrate smart bottle now at .