MyHydrate Smart Bottle Reviews

Aug 29, 2016

MyHydrate Smart Bottle Reviews

Since MyHydrate smart bottle burst on the scene, staying hydrated has never been easier. Its SmartDisk technology tracks your water intake and reminds you to drink water regularly. This helps reduce the chance of major health issues like cancer and diabetes, while also preventiong minor ones like headaches and constipation.

MyHydrate customers have been raving about how this smart bottle has transformed their health and inspired a new love for a healthy lifestyle!

Here’s what a few of our happy customers are saying:

“Great! I own a medical weight loss practice and am always emphasizing how vital it is to drink water. I am so excited to have this bottle myself, and I know that having the feedback that your water bottle provides will truly help my patients be compliant in drinking their water. Thank you for inventing this!”
Jennifer R. | GA, United States | Aug 31, 2016

“So excited to start a new chapter in my life and beginning healthy habits. Losing some weight will be a plus. Got expedited shipping and my coupon code worked, yippee!”
Susan C. | GA | Aug 29, 2016

“I drink water through the day but probably not enough. love that it has a reminder feature and infuser within -- I can’t wait to experience this! Going to send the second one to my daughter who is pregnant -- it will be perfect for her and the baby!!”
Paula S. | CA | Aug 25, 2016

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