MyHydrate Water Bottle Reviews

Aug 16, 2016

MyHydrate Water Bottle Reviews

Hydration is vital to good health. Without it, you can suffer from a myriad of health problems like kidney infections, chronic headache, and even diabetes and cancer! Minimize your risk by drinking enough water throughout the day. But what if you can’t remember to drink water or can’t keep track of how much you’ve had? Enter MyHydrate smart hydration system. This ingenious smart bottle keeps track of how much water you’ve had to drink, and it reminds you to drink water throughout the day.

Hundreds of thousands of customers have already benefited from MyHydrate’s smart technology, and are enjoying better health.

Here’s what customers say:

“I have a regular water bottle at my desk and I fill it once a day and usually drink most of it but that's only 16oz. I often forget that it’s there. I am excited that I will be getting a gentle reminder from the MyHydrate! I am 45lbs down in my weight loss journey and this will be a great tool to get me to my final goal!”
Sharon C. | NC | Sep 1, 2016

“I have used MyHydrate every day, and I have managed to lose 25 pounds! I give a lot of the credit to MyHydrate in making sure I drink enough water.”
Sally W. | ME, United States | Aug 27, 2016

“I am terrible about drinking water throughout the day. With my busy schedule at work, this bottle will help remind me to drink more. So excited to have the help in hydrating!”
Lorie J. | GA | Aug 2, 2016

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