MyHydrate is the brainchild of 76-year-old inventor Jerry Sweeney, a serial entrepreneur also known for creating the Space Bag, a revolutionary vacuum-sealed storage system. When Jerry experienced health issues that required lifestyle changes, he found it challenging to drink the recommended amount of water each day. It was tough to establish a drinking routine to track his intake and most days he drank far less than he thought. He decided to pull together a team to provide a solution to help others in the same situation and, in 2010, began designing what would become MyHydrate.

Jerry has founded more than 20 companies—many involving patents for new inventions—and in the process has earned an enviable track record of delivering quality products. His ability to imagine and then create solutions, his conspicuous passion for quality, even his concern for waste and the environment are personal benchmarks that never go out of style. Over the past few decades Jerry has sought out and hired talented professionals who shared his dreams and met his high standards of excellence. He now has assembled several of his former colleagues to step up for another business challenge, and together they have launched MyHydrate.

But the veteran serial entrepreneur feels this new product is different. More personal. And for it, Jerry wanted a different business approach. It was time to give back. So he incorporated philanthropy into the MyHydrate business model. By creatively working with the American Diabetes Association®, he helped orchestrate a socially responsible way to give back and introduce a product that met everyone's health needs. With each product purchase, MyHydrate makes a donation to the Association. Jerry wants his invention to help all of us.

The MyHydrate team's primary strength comes from relevant experiences in both start-up and corporate environments - names such as Berkshire Hathaway, Diablo Lighting, eRealty.com, Fujifilm USA, PricePoint, Prudential, Public Storage, and Optimize. From engineering and manufacturing to product packaging and photography, each member of the team has contributed their unique skills and talents to help make Jerry's dream a reality.